Last Shows of 2017, New Album, & Good-Bye (For Now)

Dear friends,

This October marks the seventh birthday of this crazy little project we call Candy Warpop. Year after year, show after show, lineup after lineup, we’ve prided ourselves in pushing the envelope, reinventing ourselves, and delivering the most professional and high-energy performances we can. To everyone that joined us along the way at any point these past seven years, we thank you for contributing to the art and hysteria.

October 1st and 6th will be our last shows of 2017. October 1st at The Dive Bar will be a benefit show for the recent hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. October 6th will be a barn-burner of a house show with Amy's former band Sounds Of Threat. Keep your eye on this space or on for details.

In the meantime, we are hard at work on our next album with William Davenport of Bounty Hunter Brothers behind the console. The as-of-now untitled collection of songs will appear sometime around our band birthday (Halloween) – if all goes according to plan. Expect a unifying message, punk rock energy, strange sounds, and unusual time-signatures. This is the culmination of two years’ worth of sweat, tears, and determination. We can’t wait to share it with you.

With this new album, we bid adieu as life takes us in separate yet intersecting ways. When we reconvene for rock’n’roll purposes, it will be even more special and produce work worthy of our unique musical bond. Sooner rather than later, of this we can be sure.

With love,

Amy, Anisa, and Joshua
Candy Warpop

(Photo by Norma Jean Ortega)